High Heels: The Epitome of Sensuality and Power



High heels..we love love them, we hate them, we have to admit that there is nothing that makes an outfit sexier. High heels, believe it or not, were first worn by men as an indicator of nobility and power. Today many women would say they feel those same sensations when they wear a pair of heels. Here are some of the reasons we love them:

  • Variety: The styles are endless. Straps, height, open-toe, platform, stiletto, spiked, buckles, colored bottoms, peep-toe, single color, multi-color, and so on and so on..The choices are never ending and each pair you pick highlights your style.
  • Ease of buying: No matter the season, and if you are holding on to the five extra pounds from the holidays, shoe size is not something that changes once you are grown. That is such a relief! Plus, you don't have to get undressed to try them on!
  • Sex appeal: Lets face it, men seem to have a special spot in their hearts for femininity and those special ways in which women are women. High heels are definitely one of those areas, they give us a sex appeal that no other item we wear can quite match.
  • Lasting style: Most of us probably have a few pair, or more, that we have had for years. The fact that we change them up often, and that most styles can be worn for years (except maybe the fishbowls), allow us to hang on to these fashion musts for years.

So, have I given you enough reason to go out and shop for your next pair? Take a look at what we have to offer, closed-toe, open toe, solid color, multi-color and paint splattered, to name just a few! What ever your preference, we are sure to have something that increases your sense of sensuality and power.

Warmest Wishes,

Bethany, Rick and the Morgan Le Faye Team

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