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January 1, 2017

It is a beautiful time of year! Holiday parties and holiday food. What's one more pig in a blanket? or another glass of eggnog? Tis the season! After the parties and the gifts have been opened (and some returned), reality sets in. Time to begin thinking about the New Year and specifically the dreaded New Year Resolution. And if you haven't been reminded enough by the gym commercials promising new year specials, it is time to be healthy again. If you have maintained that status throughout the toasts and hors d'oeuvres, congrats to you! But if not, there is nothing like a new outfit (that you have picked out) to lift your spirits. Here is why:

Picked out by you: enough with the tops and bottoms picked out by family and friends that, although with good intentions, don't quite reflect your style. This outfit is all you, and all unique-when shopping with Morgan Le Faye. 
Fits perfectly: apparel picked out by family often misses the mark where size is concerned. At least if it runs small you can take it as a compliment. You, however, know exactly what fits your shape to a tee. 
Something different?: So it is the new year after all. Now is the time to take a chance and buy something for yourself that you normally wouldn't. We guarantee you will be pleasantly pleased with the "new you." 

So even if you have put on a few extra pounds, you still look good and you know it. What better way to flaunt yourself than with a new outfit? You just spent the end of the year taking care of everyone else, so go ahead, be good to yourself! 
Happy New Year!

Hugs and kisses

 Morgan Le Faye

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